Before you fill out the below application, please read the following qualifications to see if your school meets the mandatory requirements.

A. We are donating to “Private Schools of Faith” only who do not have the benefits of outside fundings, such as public schools.

B. Each school must have at least 400 students on a single campus.

C. Each private school must have a High School Department.

D. Each private school must have a high school football team with a practice field located on the same campus as the school.

E. Each school must be in good financial standing and not in danger of closing.

F. Once a school has been notified by the foundation for approval, the school has 30-days to finalize our agreement.

If your school meets ALL the above requirements, then simply fill out the application below and submit it to us. We will review your application within 5 business days.

If your school is approved and selected to receive a WeatherBug Lightning Alerting System from the Jesse Watlington Memorial Foundation, the foundation will pay 100% of the cost of the system, install it on the roof of your campus (as long as the area has been electrically prepped for installation by the school). The foundation will pay the $1,500 monitoring fee for the first year. Each school will be responsible for the $1,500 yearly monitoring fee starting on the 2nd year.

*All schools have 3-business days after the school agrees to our donation, to sign and return the agreement once it’s been emailed to them.

School Name* Street Address*
City* State* Zip Code*
Phone Number* School Website

Name of Principal or Headmaster* Their Contact Phone* Their Contact Email*

Name of Athletic Director* Their Contact Phone* Their Contact Email*

Total Number of Students* Elementary* Middle School* High School*

List Each Sports Program (Currently At School Campus)* List Each Practice Field or Playing Field (Located On School Campus, Including Playground, etc.)*

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