It is the foundations mission to protect as many children as possible from being struck by lightning. Focusing on the state of Florida, because it is the lightning capital, and then on to other states.

Since public schools have the benefits of being funded by city, county or state, we are only donating to private schools. We require each private school to have at least 400-students, a high school department and a high school football team. As well as other outdoor-sport programs.

Hand held lightning detectors are vulnerable to human error. Such as the case of Jesse’s story, where the kids made it out to the practice field before the coaches. Or in other cases, where coaches simply forget to bring it out to a practice or sporting event. Sometimes they are also left sitting on a bench or left in a gym bag, because of loud spectator noise on the field. The alarm or siren is not heard by anyone. For that reason, we are only donating lightning detection systems that cover an entire campus. That is installed on a roof-top in the center of the campus, usually at their highest point. When lightning is present in the area and poses a threat to the kids outdoors on the campus, a sired will go off alerting students and staff to take cover indoors. After a 30-minutes period of no more lightning being detected in the area, an “all clear” siren will sound, letting students and staff know that it’s safe to resume their outdoor activities.

Furthermore, current laws in the state of Florida require coaches and staff to be certified in C.P.R. at all public schools. But, private schools are exempt from that law. It is the foundations goal to change that law and require all coaches and staff for both public and private schools to be trained and certified in C.P.R. as well as A.E.D.’s.

*All schools have 3-business days after the school agrees to our donation, to sign and return the agreement once it’s been emailed to them.

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